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5 Men's Business Casual Outfit Ideas for the Workplace

"Men’s business casual outfits should only be formal suits, ties, and dress shoes.” If you are still stuck with these thoughts, then it's time to throw your old-school norms out the window. The world of fashion has evolved, and corporate culture is no exception. Now, many workplaces allow employees to dress in modern and less formal ways to lighten the pressure and provide a more comfortable work environment that promotes productivity.

Styling business casual outfits for men should not be challenging, especially after reading our fashion guide. We will fill you up with the dos and don’ts of wearing business casual outfits with our recommended dress styles. So, get ready to be the best-dressed man in your office.

Our Top Picks 

Chinos with Sneakers

Men’s business casual outfits leave room for you to dress in a way that not only suits your office setting but also defines your personality. One of the casual business pieces that has recently gained so much momentum is chinos with sneakers. Chinos are versatile and modern wardrobe essentials that can be worn all year.

Choose slim-fit chinos in earthy, neutral, and navy tones. Combine a contrasting tucked-in shirt with a pair of sneakers. For layering, you can either go with a sporty or a formal office jacket. Brown and black sneakers are classic colors that seamlessly go with workplace protocol. Here is an outfit suggestion: try slim-fit khaki chinos with a dark grey t-shirt, a navy tweed jacket, and brown sneakers. Flaunt this combination with confidence and style.


Sneakers with Pants & Suits

Good news for sneaker lovers! You can now rock your favorite pair of dress sneakers for your office look (but with a few exemptions). The sneakers and pants duo is not limited to casual wear. It can now be seen at weddings, parties, and offices too. Sneakers can go along with pants, but make sure to choose the contrast carefully. They should not clash with your outfit or office setting.

When looking for appropriate office footwear, choose formal options like Oxford sneakers. Avoid any designs, logos, or brighter colors. Try wearing charcoal pants with a white office shirt and a patterned coat. For a relaxed look, wear black pants with a brown turtleneck and a brown plaid blazer. Also, it is best if you stick to browns and blacks! As they are more classic and will be more compatible with office dress codes.


Penny Loafers with Pants & Suits

Suits surely make you more confident and productive at work, but when it comes to business casual attire, we will choose a less formal option, such as penny loafers. Serving through centuries, penny loafers have come a long way and are still a popular choice among men of all ages. While incorporating them into your business casual look, make sure to wear ankle-length pants with no-show socks.

Be well-informed while choosing loafers, and always go with minimal and sleek designs. Wear a classic navy suit with a crisp white shirt and polished dark brown loafers. For pants, opt for subtle textured pants in beige, brown, or grey, and pair them with a shirt and sweater. So, go ahead and give penny loafers a try. We are pretty sure that you will be amazed to know how well they can go with pants and suits.

Chelsea Boots with Pants

Combining and balancing traditional office wear with a relaxed and casual style can sometimes be confusing. That’s exactly where we come in—to help you avoid mistakes while choosing men's business casual outfits. The heavy-duty Chelsea boots are versatile and offer a streamlined look. To flatter these shoes, wear them with navy pants, a beige turtleneck, and a navy coat.

Let’s now discuss a few tips you should consider before pairing Chelsea boots and pants together. Choose well-tailored pants and avoid tucking them into the shoes. Dark-colored boots suit well with black, charcoal, navy, or other darker pants, whereas lighter shades are more appropriate for subtle shades such as beige, tan, and grey. Lastly, avoid patterned and printed shirts in the office; go with simple button-ups, polos, and turtlenecks.


Men's Boots with Pants

Stacked, cuffed, or cropped? Which pants look best with boots? Should I go with darker or lighter pants? Which boots are more suitable for the office? Hold your horses, because we know many of you are going through this kind of confusion. But don’t worry; we can handle all your questions related to men's business casual outfits.

Boots are durable and worth investing in. They look extraordinary when paired with gray pants, a light blue shirt, and a barn jacket. Wear brown suede Oxford boots with this combination for added style. Another appealing option is to wear charcoal pants with a black dress shirt and a light gray blazer. When styling for a formal workplace, cropped pants are considered a safer option than cuffed or stacked pants. When choosing colors, follow the thumb rule of pairing darker boots with darker pant hues and vice versa.



Men's business casual outfits are massively in trend these days, and wearing them in the right way is all that matters. Whether you want a sneaker style or a boot outfit suggestion, we have elaborated on men's business casual outfit ideas in a detailed way for your ease. So, next time, avoid any silly fashion mistakes and learn to differentiate between casual and business casual outfits.

A few more suggestions! Avoid ripped jeans, t-shirts, and exposed footwear. Excessive prints and funkier colors are also a no-no. Baggy shirts, shorts, hoodies, and sweatpants also don’t fit the definition of business casual attire. Go on the safer side and stick to plain or collared shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, chinos, and cotton pants. This way, you can save yourself from fashion mishaps!

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