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7 Types of Men's Street Shoes To Look Chic

Street shoes are designed to be worn on paved surfaces so they can protect you from rain, mud, stones, etc. These shoes have to withstand extreme wear and tear on concrete and pavement that’s why they are made with highly durable and sustainable materials. There are several types of men's street shoes, each with its unique features. The type of shoe you choose depends on your lifestyle, budget, and personal choices.

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Men’s street shoes have different features; some have breathable fabric and cushioned soles while others may have waterproof properties. These shoes protect your feet while lowering the impact of walking, running, or playing. You can find them in various styles and features. They don’t only provide protection but also elevate your personality with their beautiful and elegant designs and colors. Men’s street shoes are highly versatile and come in a variety of options that can fit any situation. They have been becoming tremendously popular among youngsters and even adults. In this article, we'll go through the most popular types of street shoes for men so that you can choose the right pair for your next outing!

Types Of Men’s Street Shoes

If you are here to know what are the most popular street shoes, then you will definitely find your answer here. There is an extensive range of street shoes present in the market. Some of the most demanding shoes are low and high-profile sneakers, trainers, boots, loafers, converse, sandals, lace-ups, and some casual slip-on. You can also wear sports and athletic shoes as street shoe style.  Street shoes can be worn casually and sometimes formally.

Fashion Sneakers

Every man needs a pair of low-key sneakers because they will work with everything that you have in your closet. They are highly versatile, comfortable, and durable.  They are a perfect blend of fashion, style, and comfort.  Sneakers' construction is lightweight and composed of different materials. 

You can find them in leather, fabric, suede, and canvas. They can be styled with jeans, shorts, and even some suits. These shoes are perfect for hangout or casual wear. They provide cushioning effect and protect your feet on roads.


Comfort Mesh Sneakers

Other famous men’s street shoes are mesh sneakers. This footwear has a flexible sole and durable construction. Thanks to their style, they can be a perfect match for endless outfits. You don’t need to spend a lot on shoes if you have this footwear in your closet. These shoes are great for casual styles.  

In contrast to other sneakers, they provide more support to the feet. From going groceries to walking on the beach, they will look phenomenal in every attire. These classic shoes will never go outdated and you can rock them for years.


Casual Loafers

Loafers are truly a fashion statement. Whether it's formal, casual, or street style, they will not disappoint you in any situation.You can choose funky tassels or chain loafers for street style. This footwear has fine texture, different material construction, and a flexible sole, and it comes in different colors and patterns.  

Don’t go for plain tan or brown loafers as they are more suitable for formal wear. Toned and moc-toe with a buffed look and added heels provide strength, durability, and traction needed in every situation.


Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes are comfortable casual shoes. You can dress them up and down without any hassle. They come in different styles like casual loafers, leather slip-ons, suede slip-ons and more. 

Wear them with jeans, shorts, chinos or any casual trousers. This kind of classic shoes provide the needed support and comfort required for street style.


White Sneakers

Other men’s street shoes include white sneakers. They are the best choice for all weather and rugged activities. They can be paired with jeans, chinos, pants and more to look relaxed all day. 

You can opt for a pair of knitted white sneakers or mesh sneakers to stay comfortable.  They are not only the best street shoes but also great for work. 


Combat Boots

Moving forward to the next street shoes, we have men's combat boots on our list. These shoes are durable and are designed to provide steadiness and support during walking outside. 

They have harder midsoles and provide maximum traction and offer a firm grip.


Bit Loafers

Bit loafers can also be considered street shoes. In terms of durability, stability, and protection, you can’t beat the level of these shoes.

Whether you want to go for walking or other activities they can serve you best. From suede to canvas or leather, you can get them in any material. 



We have summed up all the men’s street shoes in this article.  From slip-on to lace-ups to boots, we have elaborated on each type in detail so you can decide the right one for you. Street style shoes can not only give you support but also uplifts your style. Whether you are going for a quick run, want to go for sports or simply want to flex your style, these shoes will do the job. Choose funkier and cool styles with unique designs and strong construction for a modern funky look, that’s street style specialty. Pair any of these shoes with any outfit and rock your way. 

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