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7 Practical Work Shoes For Men To Wear Everyday

In the professional field, you have to look decent, sharp, and presentable. Footwear plays a vital role in elevating your outfit. So, you should invest in something that is both durable and classy. If you are planning to buy new shoes, then you should look at our list of the best work shoes for men.

The best work shoes are cozy, fit, perfect, and prevent blisters that uncomfortable and unconventional shoes can cause. We have complied shoes for everyone's choice, including sneakers, oxfords, loafers, and dress shoes. So, you can have footwear compatible with your personality and wear it at different events and professional places according to your need.

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7 Best Work Shoes For Men

Popular Types Of Work Shoes For Men
Select your favorite work shoes to look chic in offices

Dress Ankle Boots

Dress ankle boots are the best to create an elegant and sophisticated look. They are ankle-length and made of smooth leather and a shining surface with a cap-toe design. These dress shoes are stylish enough to upgrade your look. You can wear them for the office, lunch, or a walk because of their modish design and versatility. Dress ankle boots featured a slight heel for more comfortable walking and support.

 These boots come with a lace-up system to provide stability and have a slip-resistant outsole. If you are looking for comfort, fashion, and durability at the same time, dress ankle boots are the best choice for you.


Dress Sneakers

As the name shows, dress sneakers are a fusion of sneakers and dress shoes. Its upper part is like any regular dress shoe made with soft synthetic material. The lower part is made of a rubber sole, but unlike other sneakers, they have thin soles with sleek designs. Dress sneakers have a straight lace-up system for fitting adjustments. 

These sneakers are on the borderline between casual and formal shoes. You can quickly wear them in the office, meetings, and for proper lunch or casually for shopping or for a walk. Their elegant and stylish design makes them one of the best work shoes for men.

Mesh Sneakers

Mesh sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear at work. They are famous for their sleek design that can be worn from offices to parks. Mesh sneakers are breathable and prevent foul odor due to airflow. This shoe has a lace-up design which provides stability to the feet. Pull tap is also a feature of these sneakers that make these shoes easy to put on.

 These cozy mesh sneakers have extra cushioning insole to support your foot arch and reduce pain. They are lightweight, so you can quickly move around without any burden on your feet. Its unique design makes it versatile with jeans, shorts, and pants.



Oxfords are an essential staple of every man's wardrobe with their classical design. These dress shoes are one of the best work shoes for men offering comfort and style. This oxford has an open lacing design and plain toe with an exposed ankle. Cut-out designs on the side and back of the shoes create a more decent and stylish look. 

The upper part is leather or synthetic and has a hand-sewn stitch. They have minimal detailing and mostly wear formal shoes in brown and black shades. But you can also dress them down with chinos and a blazer for a less formal event.

Cap-toe Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are a staple for a fashion-conscious man. Cap-toe leather shoes give a decent, elegant, sophisticated formal look. They are made up of smooth and shining leather with minimal details and perforations. Some cap-toe leather shoes have an open lace-up design with cushioned insole, which provides comfort to your feet and helps you to wear them for long hours without hurting your feet. 


Their sleek design makes it ideal for wearing at any formal event, from the dance floor to a wedding, business event, or an official dinner.


Loafers are considered one of the most popular and fashionable footwear. These shoes are durable, trendy, and perfect for turning people's heads. These shoes have a sleek design with a slip-resistance rubber outsole. Loafers are easy to slip on and have an almost 1-inch heel. Featured with square-toe and latex cushioned insole to provide comfort, this shoe has a minimal but classic design. 

You can wear them from the office to formal events with a suit. You can also create a casual look by experimenting with different outfits. With flexible fitting and leather upper, they have become the best choice for most men.


Comfortable Sneakers

If you are looking for comfortable and fashionable footwear for the office, then these comfortable sneakers are one of the best work shoes for men. It has an incredible mesh knitted upper that makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. It comes with a slip-on design and a back tab to pull on shoes easily. This sneaker gives you a modish look and has a shock-absorbent feature to protect your feet. Stretchy fiber makes it fit perfectly according to your feet and provides a better grip. 

They are versatile to wear and look great with numerous options. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, chinos or sometimes even with suits. They are also perfect for the gym, running, exercise, or all-day standing work.


Final Verdict

There are many work shoes present in the marketplace, but the best shoes are comfortable, stylish, and durable. Today we have discussed some boots with a sleek designs and some of the best work shoes for men. They are versatile and will look great on any man. But among all these shoes, you have to decide which shoes fit your specific need and personality. Selecting the right shoes will help you to get the job done comfortably and efficiently.

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